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Spring equinox arrives, warm and cold to prevent some diseases

Spring equinox arrives, warm and cold to prevent some diseases

The vernal equinox and the temperature are warming, but this is also a period of high incidence of some common diseases in spring. Therefore, we must be vigilant and do good health care to prevent the occurrence of diseases. In addition to daily exercise, make adjustments in the diet camp.To deal with these common diseases in spring.

  Although the weather is suitable in spring, the wind and rain are less, and the water in the human body is easily lost through sweating and breathing.

Coupled with erratic weather changes, unable to maintain the balance and stability of the human body’s metabolism, resulting in physiological dysfunction, dry throat pain, dry lips, dry stools and other “burning” symptoms.

  Prevention of Diseases: To prevent “getting angry”, you must first live a regular life, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and take appropriate rest; eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid spicy food; drink plenty of water to promote the body’s “heat-generating substances” from urine and sweatIf necessary, you can take Niuhuang Shangqing pills, Sanhuang tablets, Qingguo pills and other fire-clearing drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

  Experts in Chinese medicine say that the bean sprouts, which are called “breeding” by the ancients, are most suitable for eating in spring, and can help the five internal organs from winter to spring.

Although bean sprouts are cold and sweet, they have different effects.

Mung bean sprouts are easy to digest, have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying, suitable for damp and hot stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, redness in the urine, constipation, redness and swelling in the eyes.

Soybean sprouts strengthen the spleen and liver, which contains a high content of vitamin B2. Properly eating soybean sprouts in the spring can help prevent inflammation of the corners of the mouth.

Black bean sprouts and kidney, rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals and multivitamins, the content is higher than mung bean sprouts.

Pea sprouts protect the liver, take in vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients, broad bean sprouts can strengthen the spleen, and have iron, calcium, zinc and other effects.

  Chunyue looked at the bright scenery outside the window. Someone in the office always seemed to be lazy, and could not pay attention to anything. This was “chunyue”.

“Spring drowsiness” is mainly related to weather, work, diet, sleep, and exercise dissonance. Sometimes this phenomenon is also a manifestation of sub-health.

  Anti-disease tricks: For those who have been “stained” with “spring sleepiness”, you can take more deep breathing and aerobic exercise that can increase lung capacity, drink more water, and eat less greasy, hot food, especially hot pot.

Eat more carrots, cabbage, citrus and other foods that contain a lot of vitamins. Insufficient protein can help improve people’s efficacy. When white-collar workers in the office are sleepy, they can do headache massage to relieve symptoms.

  It is necessary to adjust the rest time properly in the spring, go to bed early, get up early, and do a little light exercise every morning. In addition, sleepiness can make people lack of blood supply to the brain and increase feelings of sleepiness.

In addition to maintaining a healthy and normal lifestyle, stimulating your senses in an appropriate amount can also relieve the “spring trap”.

If you feel sleepy this season, you can go outdoors and enjoy the spring; you can use irritating cool oil and wind oil essence to dispel sleepiness; you can also drink tea and coffee to refresh your fatigue.

At the same time, if you have “spring difficulties”, you can’t just sleep more. Make up for sleep. The environment and mentality are also important. Office workers should maintain air circulation in the office, control their emotions and increase interpersonal communication.

  As soon as spring comes, all kinds of flowers and plants are glowing with new colors, making people look bright.

But it also made some particularly “sensitive” people suffer.

Patients with allergic hypertension will have complications of bronchial rupture, leading to the recurrence of acute disease.

In addition, the weather is suddenly cold and hot, causing a cold, which is also one of the causes of insulin.

Acute, severe, and potentially life-threatening patients.

Spring is an acute, high-incidence season. If you don’t pay attention to daily life details, it is easy to relapse.

  Prevention of Diseases: To prevent hypertension, first of all, we must keep warm and increase or decrease clothing in time to avoid being induced by colds and cold air.

In fact, the place of entry and exit should be suitable. In order to avoid cross-infection, correction patients should try not to go to those places where people crowd. People who are allergic to pollen and plants should not go to gardens and botanical gardens. Those with severe pollen allergies can consider off-site prevention.

Moreover, the time to go out is appropriate.

During the day, noon and noon are times when the concentration of pollen drifting in the air is high. At this time, you should minimize going out and wear a mask.

In windy weather, it is also necessary to reduce going out to avoid the stimulation of dust and cold air.

  In addition, you must pay attention to some details of life. It is best not to use down or silk for certain clothes and bedding, because some patients are allergic to animal feathers and silk; take care to avoid people related to food, such as shrimp, milk, peaches, etc., must be paid attention to; Use with caution or avoid certain drugs that may cause induction, such as aspirin, indomethacin; reduce pollen intake, and go out during the day or in the afternoon; do not use carpets, use quilts, sheets, pillow towels, clothes, etc. with hot water (50Above 1 ° C); the indoor humidity is kept below 50%.

  The temperature of dermatitis rises, and the incidence of various spring dermatitis is increasing.

According to experts, spring dermatitis is a light-sensitive skin disease, the main cause of which is that the skin is allergic to ultraviolet rays in the sun.

In addition, the weather is getting warmer, and many netizens like to travel.

But in the spring, everything revived, many plants began to bloom, and many people were prone to complication dermatitis after they went green, which is an allergic reaction unique to this season.

The disease is more common in spring and autumn and is more common in women.

It is a kind of short-term recurrence, a kind of contact dermatitis caused by pollen and so on.

  Anti-disease tips: Appropriate sunscreen to protect the skin from a variety of ultraviolet and visible light damage; do not use cosmetics targeted at light-sensitive substances; eat more foods containing vitamin A and fresh vegetables and fruits,Canola, spinach, lettuce, figs, etc. eat as little or as little as possible; wash your face without using hot water, alkaline soap and rough towels.

When you feel uncomfortable, you must go to the distance hospital for a diagnosis.The use of antihistamine treatment, oral administration of hormones in severe cases, can be treated with cold spray, wet compresses and other external treatment.

  Dermatitis is irrespective of age, gender, and age. After comprehensive treatment, it can be recovered in 3 to 5 days.

If you buy medicine by yourself, you must be cautious and replace some oral medicines. You can use it for adults and children.

Hormones and topical medications must be used with extreme caution. If the medications are used improperly, symptoms may worsen.

People with a history of skin allergies should pay attention to protection.

If you go to places like pollen, dust, light and wind turbines such as parks and attractions, you can only look at it from a distance.

To prevent skin allergies, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. Some pollen and dust that adhere to the skin surface must be cleaned at all times.

In addition, cleaning the sheets, quilts, sunbathing, quilting, and clothes frequently is also a simple precautionary method.

  On the whole, in the spring equinox, disease prevention and health care, one is to often open windows to allow indoor air circulation, while ensuring adequate sleep, perform appropriate outdoor activities, and strengthen exercise to enhance their own disease resistance; the second is to pay attention to mouth and noseHealth care, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent oral ulcers; Third, you must quit smoking, control alcohol consumption, and go to the epidemic prevention department to inject vaccines about infectious diseases.