Fashionable “flower”-like radiation protection

Fashionable “flower”-like radiation protection

Office workers who are in office buildings love to put a pot of green cactus next to the computer. In addition to personal preference, most people value the special ability of cactus to prevent computer radiation.
  The reporter rarely saw cactus at the computer of the Office of Horticulture of Beijing Agricultural College.
Professor Yao Yuncong of the Department of Horticulture said that cactus grows in the strong sunshine of the sun and can withstand the damage of sunlight and 深圳桑拿网 ultraviolet rays.
  But what happens in the sun is a kind of radiant energy, which is different from the radiation generated by computer screens or other electrical appliances.
Radiation is a kind of energy wave that travels in a straight line. At present, there is no substance that can make the radiation turn. The theory of absorbing radiation is obviously not accurate and should be changed to resist.
  At present, there is no research report that has demonstrated that cactus has better ability to absorb radiation than other plants.
Therefore, it is completely inferred to put a pot of cactus next to the computer to absorb radiation and reduce the damage to the body. There is no scientific basis.
  Although a cactus in front of the computer can’t resist the radiation, the color of the green oil can relieve the fatigue of the eyes, relax the spirit, and it is a good way to keep the eye on the computer family.
  Compared with placing green plants, drinking green tea is a simple and easy way to resist computer radiation.
Studies at the University of Hawaii have shown that drinking green tea plays an important role in preventing radiation.
Tea contains more lipopolysaccharide, which can improve the body’s hematopoietic function.
  After injecting lipopolysaccharide into the human body, it can enhance the body’s non-specific immunity in a short period of time, thus effectively preventing radioactive substances from invading the body and having a significant protective effect on hematopoietic function.
It can be seen that green tea is the master of anti-computer radiation compared with cactus.
In addition, mung bean soup contains substances that help to excrete toxins and accelerate metabolism, and can also effectively resist various forms of radiation pollution.
  It should be noted that due to the cumulative effect of electromagnetic radiation, the sitting time at the front end of the computer should not be too long, and should be moved frequently, which will be beneficial to health.