Chapter Sixty Two All walks of life
“Life strength is only five,Better than ordinary people,But it’s still scum!”The petite twin ponytail giggled。
Heard this expected answer,The blond youth suddenly showed a disdainful expression,Nuzui Road:“Boring!Is it a spiritual one??”
“Not like。If it’s a supernatural person,It’s impossible to respond to my scan。”Double ponytail shaking his head and smiling,Full of self-channel。
The two are talking,General Will has brought Lu Menglin to them in person。
“This is Mr. Lu from China!He is the key figure in action,You must protect his safety。”General Will shouted。
“Roger that!”The blond young man and the girl in the double ponytail uniform stood up at the same time,Replied loudly。
“land,This guy is jack,You can call him Xiaojie。He is a soldier in the U.S. Marine Corps,Mutation test,Very strong,He will be responsible for protecting your safety。”General Will pointed to the blond young man and said。
“Mutant?”Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Looked at Xiaojie Blondie’s body。
On the surface, you can’t tell that this guy is very strong,The breath radiating from the body can only be considered barely okay!It’s just the level of a blue-eyed secret medicine warrior,Lu Menglin just took a casual look,I moved my sight away。
Xiaojie probably felt that Lu Menglin didn’t pay much attention to him,Stare with anger,Unhappy。
Lu Menglin’s attention was focused on the little girl next to Xiaojie,Although that girl is wearing American military uniform,Even the little face is painted with camouflage,And also has a pair of eye-catching double ponytails,Everywhere is different。