杭州夜网论坛 洗浴 From Liu Dehua singing Tunli people to Wang Yuan’s Liu Neng mobile phone case

From Liu Dehua singing Tunli people to Wang Yuan’s Liu Neng mobile phone case

From Liu Dehua singing “Tunli people” to Wang Yuan’s Liu Neng mobile phone case
Year after year, I only hope that “country love” is always accompanied.This may be the biggest wish of the “country love fans” including the author in the face of the “Love in the Country” series.In January of this year, “Xiangai 12” was broadcast online as scheduled. It is still the vertical and horizontal battle of the four families of Xie, Liu, Zhao, and Wang. It is still the open fight of Song Xiaofeng, big man, Wang Musheng, etc. No matter how the ivory mountain changes, WangDana sat on the Diaoyutai as usual . Similarly, “Nostalgia” also adhered to its subculture position, and began a new round of deconstruction on the Internet.The character in “Country Love 12”.If you take a look at the fourteen years of broadcasting history of Xiangai, you will find that it is a drama with a rich physique.From discussing rural youth’s marriage and love, changing the destiny of light comedy to later comedy pure comedy, from TV drama to online drama, from rural drama reflecting the spiritual outlook of the countryside to topical play through age and geographical restrictions, from TV, newspaper traditionThe media discusses that social media is blooming everywhere . “Country Love” has experienced every important event in the development of China’s film and television and social communication in these more than ten years, and no matter whether it is smooth or stormy, it has come over without any risk, and has always been proud.Tide head, constantly penetrated the dimension wall.”Country Love” has had a dramatized interpretation of the United States, and a dramatized interpretation of the Korean, so that the love of the country loves the right game, which enhances the “national self-confidence”; the character expressions and plots of the script become the largest material library for spoof videos and online expression packages.One, there were international fan posters of different national styles last year; because of the melody brainwashing, the theme song “Our Tunli People” was once performed live by Andy Lau, so that the media used “Andy Lau First Cantonese Version” We Tunli People ” The title “Everyone Expects to Come True” expresses excitement.As a rare longevity drama in China, how does “Country Love” become a popular subculture?At the beginning of the 1920s, we really need to think about it.The interpretation of this topic is multi-dimensional. In the author’s opinion, it can be summarized as “the situation creates heroes, heroes recognize the current affairs”.One of the international fan posters of “Country Love” in 2019.The first is the quality of the play.The show seems to be a piecemeal of the country life, but the crisscross relationship between the story clues, the group-like shaping of the characters, the original ecological performances of the actors, etc., all make people feel that “this is the thing of my hometown””This is what the Northeast people are like.”Although it is aimed at rural life, it also has a unique taste. Putting Li Liqun, Dillon and other Hong Kong and Taiwan stars into it is still stable.Even after being aired in December, the story continues to reverse, and there are still new characters playing to support the plot, and the country flavor is still there.This point, for the Chinese who are still paralyzed in the process of urbanization, is like a lingering dream, making it a powerful empathy ability.Therefore, even those who have not watched the whole drama, seeing certain clips and tags will also resonate.In addition, the creative team has a precise grasp of past dramas and the transfer of two people to art.Comedy art is only for laughter, then it is lost in frivolous.Since the fame of Zhao Benshan in the 1980s, whether his sketches, duo transfers or film and television dramas, are mostly rooted in traditional grass-roots rural life, he has drawn a lot of creative materials from his life, praising the truth, goodness, and lashing out for ugliness.In terms of TV series, in the early years, “The Chief of a Village”, “The Head of a Village” to “Ma Daishuai” and “Lao Liugen” criticized the grassroots inaction and chaotic behavior, and “Night in the Night” to “Father and Mother Full House””The Love of the Country” describes the spiritual life of the countryside, especially the elderly, and the replacement of the dark side of human nature in the sketches. These thematic expressions are consistent and can be let in by the audience at any time, which fundamentally makes itStay popular.In the form of creation, the play of traditional art such as duo transfer, such as the role of men and women in “Love in the Country”, can be found in the role setting of duo transfer to “man is ugly and feminine”, duo transfer is known as “the key to people’s happiness”,Can you perfectly graft the two together?The mobile phone case of Liu Neng used by Wang Yuan boarded the hot search.Once again, literary and artistic works that are not preaching mainly make people relax.Since ancient times, it has been involved in researching and writing, but all literary and artistic works must bear the function of educating and educating people.Although there is no lack of classics, most of the works have too strong color of the times. In the past, this period was useless, so that we are a wasteful society with little “entertainment”.In addition to retaining the grand background of rural poverty alleviation and urban-rural differentiation, the “Love in the Country” series of dramas are intentionally and unintentionally avoiding excessive preaching expressions.Even if there is a policy interpretation, personalized interpretation is also based on the positioning of the characters. For example, in the 11th quarter, Liu Neng and his wife discussed the plot of land transfer. In a few words, Liu Neng ‘s delicious and lazy sex has a small advantage, Liu Yingniang ironic linesQuickly substitute the audience into the established family structure of the two.This is like a breeze in the current situation where rural dramas are scarce and few rural dramas are empty.Finally, there are changes in social communication.The development of the mobile Internet is one of the biggest variables in the past decade, web2.In the 0 era, netizens obtained content, the content of published content was greatly reduced, a large number of video sites, the emergence of bloggers, deconstructed everything with their own creativity, the world has become more confusing here.”Love in the Country” has become the heart of bloggers like other classic movies and TV shows-commentary analysis, ghost and animal spoofing, miscellaneous decryption, transfer of flowers and other kinds of editing works, endless pictures, text reprocessing, so rural loveThe big tree keeps blooming new shoots.Here, elegance and popularity blur the boundary. Ivory Hill F4 can also enter the room and become a big name that is not inferior to the international champions. The scenery of Ivory Hill can also replicate the time and space of the US “Lord of the Rings” and “Power Tour”.Express yourself in peace.In the face of this big trend, the producer did not choose to avoid or get cold, but took the initiative to join: Zhao Benshan personally broadcasted immediately, Xie Guangkun, Liu Neng and others were active on various variety shows, and they were also greeted with high hands in the face of spoofs.Effective interaction will definitely bring about the prosperity of the topic.Therefore, the mobile phone case of Nog in Wang Yuan’s hands is nothing more than a drop in the sea of the “City Love” subculture.□ He Shuwo (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun

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